HAKUBA Lodge Accommodation "Karunaju" & Local Foods Restaurant "The Alpine Grill"

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Lodge Karunaju & The Alpine Grill is a land mark in Hakuba.
Located right on the main street of Echoland it is widely regarded
as one of the best locations in Echoland.
Comfortable rooms at an affordable rate make this lodge ideal for
longer stays.

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We have 5 twin rooms with en-suites bathroom, 3 twin rooms without en-suite bathroom and 2 fourth room without en-suite bathroom accommodating a maximum of 34 guests in 10 rooms.  reed more
the alpine grill
freshest, and safest local meat, fish and vegetables grilled on volcanic rock griller is simple and awesome real taste from ingredient!  check menus

Lodge Karunagu & The Alpine Grill
3020-626 Echoland, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan / ZIP Code 399-9301
TEL 0261-72-4524   FAX 0261-72-4566  
email  info@karunaju.com
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